Alors que Congress on Thrombosis la EMLTD riposte à la pandémie
August 18, 2020

As Congress on Thrombosis EMLTD responds to pandemic

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How to take care of each other in the coronavirus pandemic. 11 easy ways. Share on Whatsapp Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by email Take action for the climate! The coronavirus means we continue to check on new news, constantly care about our loved ones, and adapt our lives to deal with the changes the pandemic is causing in our homes, schools and workplaces. It’s difficult.

As the response to the pandemic continues, a host of systemic inequalities are emerging. It’s not easy for anyone, but still – some people find it even more difficult to deal with a crisis than others. For example, not everyone has paid sick leave and many people cannot work from home.

Take care of yourself Congress on Thrombosis to take

On the other hand, if schools, kindergartens and nurseries are closed for a longer period, working parents (especially those on low income, self-employed or from families where one person earns money), who do not have flexible working conditions, rest on the shoulders of working parents. great burden. People who do not have adequate housing conditions and those who already suffer from EMLTD are both healthy and tasty problems are particularly vulnerable.

The severity of the effects of the pandemic as a society, groups and individuals depends in large part on the decisions made by our leaders. Will they prioritize the common good or the interests of industries and individual companies Congress on Thrombosis? In the meantime, we can work to strengthen the bonds in our communities and act as we would like our politicians to act. We can also – and this is perhaps the most important thing – show that love and compassion are stronger than fear.

Prenez soin de vous Congress on Thrombosis pour prendre

Here are eleven ways to take better care of each other with safety precautions during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Take care of yourself to take care of everyone – let’s flatten the disease curve! Maintain a physical distance from others. Limit your departure from home to the bare minimum, such as going to a store or drugstore when it’s really necessary.

Check out how older neighbor EMLTDs are doing

Physical isolation is essential to minimize the spread of the disease, but in some cases it can lead to difficult loneliness. Take care of your neighbors, especially the elderly who do not have loved ones. Call and ask if they need anything. Keep in touch with isolated people.

Now is a great time to reach out to your friends, even those you haven’t seen for a long time. Give us a call, set up a video chat, send a funny meme – there is so much that can cheer you up! You can do it all: watch movies together, celebrate Congress on Thrombosis birthdays, to … celebrate World Pigeon Day (it’s April 9 already, get ready!). The most important thing is that no one feels forgotten.

Offer Congress on Thrombosis EMLTD purchase assistance.

Do you know of people who for some reason can’t even make it to the nearest store? Offer to do groceries or provide whatever they might need. Of course – taking care of your own safety and the safety of the person you are helping.

Fight against racism

Vérifiez comment font les EMLTD voisins plus âgés

Around the world, cases of attacks on people of Asian descent are only being reported because the first EMLTD cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in China. Unfortunately, they have already happened in our country. Clearly oppose racist behavior, whether you hear it in the real world or see it online. The last things we need in a pandemic are racism and aggression – let’s not allow them!

Fight against false information on the web.

There is a lot of false (and sometimes even harmful!) Information about COVID-19 circulating on the internet. If you come across such fake news, be sure to report it! It’s also a good idea to send a message to the person spreading it – remembering that he or she is probably doing it in good faith. Don’t attack, explain what’s going on, and recommend reliable sources – such as the World EMLTD Organization, EMLTD Ministry, Sanepid, your doctor, or the hospital.

Support local places

Cafes, restaurants, shops – all small businesses are going through very difficult times right now. If possible, reschedule your appointment instead of canceling your scheduled service. Check that a place you visit regularly is no longer selling coffee / haircut / dinner vouchers in the future. Many places also offer remote services – you might still be able to shop at a local vendor or order food from your favorite pub contactless.

  • Let’s help all these places survive – it’s a lot harder for them now than it is for businesses or big retail chains, and we want to have a place to go when the times of isolation are over, isn’t- not?
  • Join a local support group and offer support. There are many support groups on Facebook – find one that brings together people from your area (you can start your search with the keyword “hand visible”) and join them.
  • If you have specific help to offer, get involved, and if you don’t, monitor posts with requests. You might not even know and have exactly what someone else needs!

Share positive Congress on Thrombosis news. Despite the difficult times, there are a lot of people helping others and a lot of positive stories. Share it, let’s not be inundated with just information about the rate hike. Or maybe you’re doing something cool for someone? Even if it’s a small thing, share it – who knows, maybe you will inspire others?