All kinds of health problems-from simple problems
September 5, 2020

All kinds of health problems-from simple problems

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If girls don’t eat well, their bones (like the pelvis) don’t grow well. When they are already women, they are left with too small bones. If a woman’s pelvis is smaller than normal, childbirth can take a long time. Some girls don’t eat well because their family can’t afford to buy food.

Some do not get enough food because their families consider them less important than boys.  Some girls have their babies when they’re too young. Very young girls have long and complicated births because the body has not yet fully developed. Girls may get married and have children when they are very young because that is the custom of their community or because their parents are poor and cannot support them. Or maybe for both reasons.

Girls may get married and have children

Women who have poor health are at greater risk of having long and complicated births. Anyone can have health problems, but people who cannot get basic health care are at greater risk.  Poor women and rural women cannot easily get medical help in an emergency. So, to avoid fistulas, is it enough to get women to hospitals faster? Would it not also be possible for us to work to change the conditions that cause late births, such as poor nutrition of girls and marriages and births at very early ages?

  • Girls may get married and have childrenWhat could we do to combat the root causes of these problems: poverty and the unfair treatment of women and girls?
  • A book for midwives 2013 finding the root causes of health problems 23 make changes in your community to prevent health problems most deaths and injuries from pregnancy and childbirth can be avoided by analyzing and treating their root causes. But to do that, the community must look beyond each woman’s particular experience.

Discuss common hazards that affect all women during pregnancy and childbirth. And leverage the skills of all community members to protect women’s health. Because midwives have more experience than anyone with childbirth, they can explain to others in the community why some women die or get injured during childbirth. Families, midwives and other health workers and community members can work together to make big and small changes that improve everyone’s health.

Small changes that improve everyone’s health

When all people in a community are interested in health and work for it, they can achieve much more than just a midwife. Getting started there are different situations that contribute to women’s serious health problems. Examples include a lack of healthy food and clean water, lack of transportation in emergencies, and alcoholism. It is possible to deal with these things if they are not considered as individual problems and if the entire community works together to bring about change.

However, it may be difficult to know where to start. A good first step is to meet with community members to talk to them. If you teach a group of pregnant women about childbirth, if you meet with other midwives, or if you are a member of a social or church group, you could use that group to solve problems. Iron pills make me stretch.

Causes of ANEMIA-they don’t give iron pills at the health center-meat is expensive-people don’t know what other foods have iron a midwifery book 2013 24 Chapter 2: treating health problems after you’ve named some of the problems in the community, choose one you’d like to solve first. They might choose the most common problem, the one that causes the most serious damage, or the one that is easier to fix. List all the ideas the group has to solve the problem.

Then focus on the solutions that someone in the group can put into practice. First, name the problems you are facing. I don’t like vegetables. We always have to wait for hours to be treated at the clinic. All of you have already read what a woman needs to do to be healthy during pregnancy. But not all women can do those things. Why not? How can we eat well if we don’t have money to buy food? We agree that the entire community can help pregnant women eat better. But how?

We could make a community garden. We should talk to the shopkeeper. He should sell more beans and rice, and less liquor! I could plant some green vegetables in the coffee shop. We could raise chickens. A book for midwives 2013 midwives can make changes 25 make a plan. You will have to decide who will do each task, what you will need to do it and when you will do it.

We should talk to the shopkeeper

I can afford the seeds, but we all have to work together to plant and care for them. The bushes are growing well. And we’ve all been taking turns watering them. I talked to the shopkeeper and he says he’s not selling beans. He says they don’t leave him enough profit. We must all go to the shopkeeper together. If we tell him we’re not buying him anything anymore, he might listen to us!

The chickens have already started laying eggs. Midwives can make changes to midwives and the women they care for can have all kinds of health problems-from simple problems, such as nausea, to serious problems, such as heavy bleeding. But when midwives work carefully to discover the causes of the problems and use their good judgment and community support, they can solve almost every problem, even many of the most difficult.

We should talk to the shopkeeper

Hospital stays are expensive, adding more than 384,000 million in expenses in the United States, according to the latest data. recientes. La average stay costs more than $ 10,000, although the amount varies greatly depending on the problem. Any visit to the hospital can be terrible, and incredibly cara.La the average stay at a U.S. hospital costs about $ 10,700, according to a recent data analysis by the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP).

Using 2014 data, HCUP classified hospital visits and costs associated with different medical conditions. In total, they were 35.4 million revenues with a total cost of 384,500 million.The routine birth of babies corresponds to most of the income-about 3,8 million – but is relatively cheap compared to other conditions, and is that it is priced at only 3,600 dollars.