Oui, vous pouvez et observations médicales devez aussi faire
August 24, 2020

Yes, you can and medical observations also need to do

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Discover 10 foods that help keep your heart healthy. Enjoy training at home. Yes, you can and should also exercise at home. Physical activities have many advantages. Light and moderate exercises, in addition to improving posture, balance and quality of sleep, exercises improve heart function, help control blood pressure and reduce the percentage of body fat.

Walking inside the House, squatting with a chair, doing sit-ups and using devices such as a treadmill and a bicycle are some of the tips. And remember: if you have ever had heart problems or plan to exercise more intensively than usual, you need to be accompanied by a cardiologist.

Relaxing activities medical observations for the mind

Stretch your body on waking or before sleeping. Stretch your body on waking and before going to bed. These are moments of great anxiety and anxiety. So a good advice is to stretch your body as soon as you wake up and when you sleep. Stretching, in addition to improving posture, reduces muscle tension, helps relaxation, activates blood circulation and allows for wider movements.

Avoid contamination of vegetables: disinfect food. Food should be properly disinfected, since transmission also occurs indirectly, that is, when we are in contact with a contaminated surface.
Therefore, it is necessary to redouble the following precautions at this stage: frequently wash your hands with soap and running water. Rub your hands well, including between the spaces between your fingers and wrists.

Do not sneeze, cough or scratch your nose when handling food. Cooking without accessories – such as watches and rings – that can accumulate dirt and promote the proliferation of viruses and bacteria. Do not talk or whistle on food, surfaces or utensils used to prepare products.

Activités relaxantes observations médicales pour l'esprit

These are simple but very effective health tips for medical observations to avoid contamination and protect yourself. Relaxing activities for the mind. Now it is more than necessary to take care of mental health and keep the body active to go through this moment lightly, trying to minimize the effects of the need to stay at home. The best way for medical observations to get rid of anxiety and stress is to use your time at home in your favor with activities that make sense to you. Reading a book left on the shelf, remembering an old recipe and watching movies are ways to distract the mind.

Practice: take the time to learn Health a new recipe. If you like to cook, there is an activity that can be quite relaxing. Whether it is a recipe noted in the notebook, on TV or on the Internet. Getting your hands dirty can be a cool way to spend time, have fun and even have fun. In addition, cooking is an amazing activity, health as it stimulates the senses and helps to develop new skills, thus promoting attention Medical observations and creativity.

Read to relax your mind. Have you ever thought about reading this book on the shelf? An updated reading improves the quality of life. In addition to relieving stress, it also helps you get a good night’s sleep and improve brain activity. Films and series: great allies for the mind and heart.

Isolation is necessary to prevent

It’s time to change channels. One of the ways to relax at this time is to enjoy movies and series. There are many options on Netflix and also several pay TV operators that have released channels for you to explore and discover new stories. During quarantine: stay at home. Isolation is necessary to prevent the proliferation of the new coronavirus and, for this reason, the orientation is to stay at home. If you need to leave, take note of some preventive measures.

It should be emphasized that when leaving medical observations, it is good to have a bottle of alcoholic gel in your purse or pocket. Thus, after touching the button of the elevator and opening the doors, with the use of alcohol you guarantee hand hygiene, a crucial measure against the spread of the coronavirus. Check out some necessary precautions: enter without shoes.

They also serve as a means of Transport for the virus. So as soon as you get home, take off your shoes and leave them outside. A good advice is to keep a small shoe shelf at the door and choose one or more pairs for exits. Thus, you enter the house in socks or barefoot to reduce the risk of contamination. Take off your clothes, wash them and take a shower. When you go home, avoid placing your hands on your face or even on the walls or furniture of the House. Take off your clothes and immediately put them to wash, then take a shower. This way you can interact with other people at home without risk. Clean the purse and wallet.

Health market packaging: clean them too

The purse and wallet are handled a lot and also need to be disinfected. Use 70% alcohol or, if you do not have it at home, you can prepare a solution with water and a few drops of detergent and wipe with a cloth. Market packing: clean them too. This is not an exaggeration. Supermarket packaging passes into the hands of store employees and customers and can therefore also be contaminated. Wash everything from the outside with water and detergent. Then medical observations, dry and store.

Emballage du marché santé: nettoyez-les aussi

Did you like our advice on how to pass quarantine? Share and pass this information on to more people. Our goal is to share knowledge for your better life and for the health of your heart. Check out other tips on our blog. Holidays are coming, it’s time to travel and celebrate with family and friends. When the routine changes, it is difficult to stay in tune with food and exercise.You can train and eat right anywhere, but more attention is needed right now, which is why Thomas Falda, training specialist at Freeletics, a leading application for physical exercises using artificial intelligence, gives some tips to stay online during the end of the year.